This project was initially started by another building company. We received a call from a panicked and stressed homeowner whose dream project had been hijacked by different builders who were not delivering their promise of building this client’s home in a safe, structured and professional manner. Parkgate Construction took over the project and before we could even start moving forward with the build, we had to undo a lot of the work already done. The first thing we needed to was get the site secure as there was no power, no health and safety and no signage. Once we had all those elements under control, we could then address the previous failings and put them right so the client could start to see their dreams become a reality and see their beautiful oak framed home start to take shape. We rectified the foundations to ensure the oak frames fit properly – this is a very exact science as the frames work to very tight tolerances so exact precision is required. We also relaid all the drainage as it had been laid with backfalls and much to the clients upset, although they had been charged for rubbish removal from site, we discovered it had been buried so we had to recover it all and then take it off site and dispose of it properly. ¬†Although this was a challenging project to work on due to the previous builder’s mistakes, it was so important to us that it was as stress free as possible for Wendy and her lovely family. At Parkgate Construction, we want to ensure that all builds are as enjoyable as possible for the clients. This is their dream home we were creating and we did not want it to be jaded by any issues that may arise. We worked through the winter weather to make sure that we hit the deadline outlined by the client, by staying in constant communication with them as well, we were able to ensure that any queries were dealt with efficiently and quickly so there were not outstanding elements that may hold anything up. This also ensures that budgets are stuck to rigidly and there were no nasty surprises!¬†We were absolutely delighted with the finished result, as were the clients. It is always so satisfying to know that your build has exceeded the client’s expectations and that you really have created not just a house but a beautiful home for them to start building their memories in.